Class Format

Class structure and Grading

Class Structure

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Lesson demo.
    • Lesson demo’s will be recoded and links will be made available on this website after class.
  3. Quick intro to the weeks lesson which is online.
  4. Review student code from the last week lesson.
  5. Answer student questions from the week before.
  6. Discuss online security and ethical questions.

We are changing the class format Oct 26, 2018

  • Instead of a class demo, the lesson videos will be online.

New Class Order

  1. Friday: Class at 2pm
    • Intro to new weeks lesson
    • new weeks lesson is available online
    • Help with questions about the last week lesson.
    • Push what code you have to in your account so the teacher can pull it down to help and show the class.
  2. Monday morning 6am last weeks lesson will be graded.
  3. Next Friday: before class push your code to in your account.

Once a Month (in addition to the lesson)

  1. Lesson covering online security.
  2. Ethical question for discussion from a Christian perspective.

Between classes, and how much homework will there be?

  1. Students will complete the week’s lesson and post their code to github (the cloud).
  2. Join-in class group discussions about topics online at
  3. If a student is having problems with a lesson, they can submit questions through slack for help from the teacher or other classmates.
  4. Software development in the workplace is a team effort, and collaboration is encouraged.


  • 60% Weekly lessons
    • Completed and submitted lessons before the next week will be worth 100% each or 60% if late. (new deadline is Monday 6am the next week)
  • 40% Students final project, using what you learn to create a web site/application.